August 2023 - A talk at Camden Archives and Local Studies Centre, 'From Fields and Focaccia', on the development of Kentish Town.

'Just to say many thanks for your enjoyable talk . I learnt a lot, and we had a good turnout.'  Tudor Allen, Archivist.

July 2023 - A bespoke Legal London walk for London Historians, including focus on Courts structure, the Inns of Chancery, and law as dealt with by Shakespeare and Dickens

'A note of appreciation for yesterday: splendid performance as ever'  Mike Paterson, Director

June 2023 - A walk for the Footways group, who are mapping walking routes in the Camden area

'Thanks so much. What a great walk. Amazing details.'  David Harrison

'I so much enjoyed the walk'  Emma Griffin

April 2023 - A walk around Kentish Town - 'Kentish Town - A History Emporium'

'A note to thank you for yesterday's Kentish Town walk, which I thoroughly enjoyed.' David Gaylard

'I really enjoyed your walk around Kentish Town, pointing out both significant and quirky sites whilst putting everything in an historical context. Your being local and enthusiastic certainly helped! The stops were both interesting and long enough - but not too long! All in all, a good, well-planned walk.' ​Neil Barker

September 2022 - A Legal London tour at dusk for a group of management consultants:

'Thank you for the tour last night. The group was amazed how knowledgeable you are on the history of law in the UK'. Tour leader

August 2022 - A Treasure Hunt around King's Cross

'A great Treasure Hunt organised by Colin. The clever clues and interactive session led to an engaging and fun day out! Colin's in depth knowledge of London is evident, but no experience is necessary from participants, everyone can join in. We would definitely recommend' Roisin Nagle

May 2022 - A walk starting at Parliament Square and (ducking and diving around State Opening of Parliament) ending in Soho

'Thank you for such a lovely tour' Jennifer Fernandes

April 2022 - A day with a family exploring London locations where their ancestors lived and died

'Big thank you for a wonderful day in your company' Jenny Stanser

December 2021 - An exploration of the edge of City/Spitalfields area, with a focus on the history of the Jewish community

''What an excellent way in which to spend a few hours in London. The walking tour was a great opportunity to hear and discover the history of the Jewish community in the East End of London from the 1600s to the present day, while discovering a variety of architecture from the wide streets to the narrow lanes, showcasing the diversity of the neighbourhood. The tour really exceeded my expectations, and highly recommend!' Mary Egan

November 2021 - A walk around EC2/EC3 for a City law firm. Feedback extracts

'The whole tour flew by, and even in the pouring rain we had a fabulous time' 'It was informative and interesting, but also humorous and very engaging' 'Couldn't recommend the experirnce highly enough!'

November 2021 - A walk in the City, focussing on architecture

'Colin, you pitched your 'Architectural Tour of EC3' perfectly for my motley family group. Everyone enjoyed it thoroughly, from the high school architecture student to a Cambridge historian with a forthcoming book on London history. Even the teenagers liked it, and couldn't stop saying how much.'  Adrian Leonard

October 2021 - A walk, The Park and the Green, for London Historians

'Great walk around Finsbury Park and Stroud Green, expertly led and narrated by Colin Davey, What a lovely way to spend Friday.' Geoff Swinfield

 May 2021 - A talk, Developers and the City, for a corporate audience

"Thanks for this afternoon's talk. I really enjoyed it and I'm sure it will have been illuminating to anybody in the audience." Ian Whitby

September 2020 - A Zoom talk, The Park and the Green (Finsbury Park and Stroud Green), for The London Society

"Thanks for a fascinating talk - very much appreciated." Don Brown, Director

September 2020 - A Zoom talk, Stories of the Law, for the University of the Third Age, North London

"Thank you for giving us such an excellent talk today on the subject of "Stories of the Law". Not only did you entertain us, as you have done on your previous visit in 2018, when you talked about the developers in the City of London, but  you have also given us an insight into the workings of the law and the Courts, and the decisions arrived at in some of the more unusual cases. As a magistrate of many years, I really appreciated your clear and easily understood explanation of how the law is interpreted." John Hajdu, U3A organiser

July 2020 - A Zoom talk on the Victorian artist W P Frith, for London Historians

"Thanks for your talk yesterday, as excellent as expected." Mike Paterson, Director, London Historians

September 2019 - A series of London tours for a visiting group of Chinese lawyers

"You have been great for all the tours, and I know the delegates find your tours wonderful especially given your legal insight and experience." Alessa Ward, Director International - China and East Asia, University of Law

July 2019 - Developers and the City, a walk looking at the impact of the brains behind City developments

"Most excellent walk yesterday 'Developers and the City' led by City of London Guide Colin Davey" Jane Young

June 2019 - A walk around Bloomsbury for University of the Third Age, North London

"What a great morning! We all found it very interesting and educational. Your knowledge is amazing, and what is also very important you entertained us at the same time. Thank you." John Hajdu, U3A organiser

May 2019 - A walk for US visitors, starting at Parliament Square and finishing at Covent Garden

"It was such a great experience. Both of us thoroughly enjoyed the time we spent with you." Amber Bell

May 2019 - A talk at the Guildhall Library to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the birth of Sir Horace Jones, City Architect and Surveyor

"Thanks for your marvellous talk last night."  Mike Paterson, Director, London Historians

May 2019 - A visit to the Inns of Court

"Great walk, and the team really enjoyed it. Thanks again for your time and enthusiasm." Sarah Hutchinson, Managing Director, BARBRI International

September 2018 - A Legal London walk for a group of visiting lawyers from The Indian Bar Council

"Thank you for your collaboration. The delegation really enjoyed the legal tour." Tatiana Rizopoulou, Director of International Partnerships, The University of Law

September 2018 - A walk, The Shakespeare Trail, covering places where there is a record of Shakespeare having been in London, and locations that he would have known

"I can't thank you enough for such a great experience yesterday. Seeing London through your knowledgeable and passionate eyes was a real treat." Dr April Jenkins

June 2018 - A day-long event, tracing the history of the Warner & Sons bell foundries in London, and taking in some general London history as well

“Thank you Colin for taking us on such an action-packed and insightful journey through London, tracing the Warner history and foundries. The depth of your research brought the business and my ancestors to life. Everyone in the family highly rates it as one of the key highlights of our European 2018 trip, and considering the vast age range within our family you did well to keep them all focussed and intrigued! The quiz was a great idea and kept the young ones listening intently.”  Beth Leach

June 2018 - A Treasure Hunt, organised for a City law firm

Thanks for an excellent event, Colin. Everyone really enjoyed it." Anup Vithlani

June 2018 - A talk, Developers and the City, for North London U3A

"A great talk this morning. Over 90 members enjoyed your presentation." John Hajdu

May 2018 - A walk, Old Jewish East End, for North London U3A

"It was one of our best walks - thank you. Everyone enjoyed it, as you could see from the questions! You are one of those few guides who speaks clearly and at the right volume and always waits for the slow walkers, and your knowledge is amazing."  John Hajdu

April 2018 - A full-day tour, West to East, for a group of doctoral students from Andrews University, Michigan, starting in Parliament Square and finishing in Brick Lane:

"Thank you Colin. The day met our expectations beautifully!" Dr Skip Bell

March 2018 - A talk on the case of Irving v Lipstadt and Penguin Books (case made into the film, Denial):

"Brilliant and most interesting talk...he's really most knowledgeable" Member of North London Group, Association of Jewish Refugees

March 2018 - Co-delivering, with two City Guide colleagues, a talk, Literature of the City, to mark the 200th lecture in the Knowledge of the City series:

"That was a truly splendid evening - great presentations and readings" Val Pretlove

March 2018 - An Inns of Literature walk for a private group:

"I really didn't know what to expect, and given the poor weather was wondering how enjoyable the walk would be. Your Inns of Literature walk was extremely interesting, informative, and your delivery was entertaining - thank you. We were all amazed at what does exist down small alleyways, and we intend to go back, albeit in warmer weather, and sit in one of the Inn gardens and people watch. Thanks again - who'd have thought that standing in icy slush could be so much fun." Cheryl Seymour

January 2018 - A walk through the City, focussing on buildings older and newer, and the stories behind them, as part of a family celebration

"Many thanks for a very enjoyable walking tour today. It was a real success with the old and young of our family!" Lee Marple

December 2017 - A public walk, St James's - Refuge of Tradition

"Most entertaining and informative walk around the district of St James's. Excellent knowledge of the area from a guide who demonstrates very thorough research whilst captivating an audience." Jane Young

December 2017 - A Legal London walk, and visit to the Royal Courts of Justice, for a visiting delegation of African lawyers

"It was indeed a pleasure meeting you, and thank you for showing us around the Courts and Middle Temple." Irene S. Kwaga, Uganda Law Society

August 2017 - A Developers and the City walk from Aldgate to Moorgate, for a private group:

"Thanks for the walk, the team and I really enjoyed it.. A fascinating mixture of history and anecdotes, delivered with humour. Walking through the City will be more interesting from now on." Aaron Keogh

July 2017 - A City treasure hunt for a law firm

"Thank you so much for yesterday. Despite the rain, everyone seemed to have a really great time." Rosie Turner, Trowers & Hamlins LLP

July 2017 - The Road Less Travelled - a public walk from Moorgate to the edge of Bloomsbury

"Thank you so much for inviting me on this interesting and delightful walk, which was so well researched and informative." Madelaine Sheldon

July 2017 - A treasure hunt around Covent Garden, for a group of friends

"Thank you so much for your treasure hunt around Covent Garden. Not only was it a great way to see different parts of London, but it was also really fun, and a great afternoon out with a big group of friends. I would highly recommend to anyone wanting to do something a bit "different" in London." Alice Hill

June 2017 - A private group visit to the Supreme Court

"I thoroughly enjoyed your excellent visit to the Supreme Court. Your talk was fascinating, and it was amazing to see inside the courtrooms. I'll definitely be joining your walks again very soon." Angela Buckley

June 2017 - Law and literature walk (Inns of Literature) for a book group

"Thank you so much for the very enjoyable and informative "Law and Literature" walk today. I could have spent twice as long listening to you talk about the history in such an entertaining way". Helen Watson

June 2017 - I took a group of visiting Kazakhstan judges on a tour of the Royal Courts of Justice, followed by a walk around Legal London

"They thought that you were very knowledgeable in terms of historic details and that it was a good mix between (historic) information on the legal sector in the UK, current issues and fun stories." Katharina Kirchberger, The Law Society

May 2017 - A public walk, Legal London Highlights

"Thanks for yesterday, marvellous, and everyone clearly enjoyed it." Mike Paterson, Director, London Historians

April 2017 - A talk, Catholics and the City, at the Barbican Library

"Thanks again for an enjoyable talk. All in all, people thought that it was an interesting topic and a very good talk." Helen Tremaine, Assistant Librarian

April 2017 - A Legal London tour for a group of undergraduate and postgraduate students

"The tour was fantastic, and thoroughly enjoyed by all. Some of the students had not even been to London, never mind visiting places of historical legal importance, so were blown away by this and your knowledge. We found the trip informative, stimulating, and good-humoured." Dr Jonathan Lord, University of Salford

April 2017 - A Legal London walk for a law firm's vacation scheme

"Thank you for our recent Legal London walk. It was interesting and highly informative, and having a guide who was so passionate about the area made it all the more enjoyable." Lindsay Tink

March 2017 - A Legal London walk for visiting students from a Spanish law school

"Once again, thank you for all your assistance and for the amazing tour." Maria Mercedes Blanco Sertal, I.E Law School, Madrid

March 2017 - A walk from the Old Bailey to the Temple, for a private group

''Thank you so much for a fascinating morning. We all thoroughly enjoyed the walk and your excellent presentation." Harry Brett-Jones

March 2017 - A private tour of National Trust property, 2 Willow Road

" His tour was informative, easy to follow, and made the visit truly enjoyable. Having such a good guide makes all the difference, it really makes the place come alive." Eva Stellman

December 2016 - A public walk: "Soho: Past, Present and Future", with readings by a colleague

"I attended Colin's walk: Soho: Past, Present and Future. As a native Londoner I pride myself on my knowledge of the City. However, I learnt an awful lot about an area I thought I knew well. The walk was very informative and highly entertaining, with readings in various locations adding a nice touch, In fact, it's the first time I have experienced this on a guided walk; it gave an extra dimension to the conversation and we were treated to having two professionally qualified guides that day. Colin never ceases to amaze me with his encyclopaedic knowledge of London. I totally recommend one of his walks to anybody who wants to expand their knowledge of London or just have a fun few hours learning about a new place." Alexandra Vella

November 2016: A Treasure Hunt around the Holborn area, organised for a group of 20 somethings

"A huge thanks for putting on the Treasure Hunt on Saturday - we all had a fabulous time". Jak Phillips

November 2016: A walk for a major City law firm as part of a conference programme

"A fantastic tour - we would all happily have gone for miles more, and even those in the group who work in or are frequent visitors to the City were fascinated by the narrative." Andrew Carpenter, Addleshaw Goddard

October 2016: With a fellow guide I ran a Soho walk for a group as a birthday present for one of the participants:

''The work that you both put in to provide us with a very entertaining and informative tour was clearly considerable and well-planned. A marvellous and original present!" Jonathan Bianco

September 2016: A talk called "Stories of the Law"

"A semi-retired former top London solicitor regaled us John Mortimer-style with a Cook's tour of English law, criminal and civil alike. Seemingly, the average citizen is remarkably non-litigious. Generously he heard out our personal dilemmas, so we left leaving inspired to stand our ground should injustice ever make an appearance in our lives."  Suzie Ellis,, Association of Jewish Refugees

September 2016: I organised a Treasure Hunt for Fresher undergraduate (Ll.B) law students at the University of Law

" The students really enjoyed it. In particular, all those I spoke to said it was a great introduction to the LLB, and it helped the students to bond whilst at the same time being extremely useful for their legal education to appreciate the wealth of history in and around the Inns of Court. It was a resounding success." Nicholas Ross, University of Law

September 2016: Soho walk

"Brilliant and surprising London walks

September 2016 and a fine sunny day in London - I did an incredible walk with Colin around the Soho area of London. He took me to places which I could never have found on my own. His historical and current knowledge was second to none, and his gentlemanly humour made this area really come alive in my mind's eye. From music and films to politics and religion, art, food and fashion, Dickens and even Paul McCartney - around every corner there is a fascinating story to discover. Colin was so knowledgeable on all the complexities and humanity that exist and existed in this small hot spot of London.

I cannot recommend his walks highly enough, as this is my second time and will certainly not be my last. Colin's passion for this City always brings London, both past and present, to life. Thank you so much Colin."

April Jenkins - Western Australia

September 2016: Legal London Highlights

"We are grateful for your time this past Monday. The tour was interesting and valuable. Using your perspective, the tour was enriching in ways to which we would not have had exposition otherwise. We would suggest that anyone who wishes to explore Legal London with the personal touch would be wise to hire you as a guide." Michael Madnick

August 2016: Inns of Literature - a Law and Literature Walk (private walk for a group)

"Many many thanks to you for such a super walk today. We all really enjoyed it. The combination of law and literature was really good." Margaret Stevens

July 2016: Inns of Literature - a Law and Literature walk (public tour)

"Fascinating tour of the Inns - law and literature." Sarah Hutchinson

July 2016: Legal London tour for the European Law Students' Association

"The tour of the legal side of London and its institutions was met with very positive feedback by both the international and local students as part of the Summer Academy of the European Law Students' Association of Queen Mary University of London. It was very well catered for our programme, and students were able to learn more about the law in action both in the past and the present in one of the most dynamic cities for this discipline. All thanks to Colin!" Anastasia Kalinina, President & Head of Organising Committee for ELSA Queen Mary's Summer Academy of 2016

May 2016: Talk at the Guildhall Library on the Cleveland Street Scandal

"Many thanks to you for a fabulous talk, it was very well received by our audience." Amy Randall, City of London Corporation

March 2016: Tour of the Royal Courts of Justice for a group of City of London Guides:

"Loved the tour last week." Peter Twist

March 2016: Jewish Developers in the City walk

"Thank you so much for guiding our participants around the City yesterday. We've nothing but positive feedback!" Janice Aarons, Maccabi GB

January 2016: Legal London walk:

"We all agreed that it was a fantastic walk and talk." Hiu Chow

December 2015: Majestic Mayfair walk:

"Thank you for a Majestic Mayfair walk with fascinating facts, history, fashion and celebrities!" Imogen Burton

November 2015: A Whitechapel walk with a theme of Jewish heritage:

"Sunday was a huge success. I got lots of really good feedback and everyone had a great morning." Janice Aarons, Maccabi GB

September 2015: Treasure Hunt around Legal London, designed for first-year law students as part of Freshers Week

"Colin designed a fantastic legal treasure hunt for our students which ticked all the boxes and more. Not only did students have great fun exploring Legal London and seeing some of its historic legal places but they also bonded and learnt some of the hard lessons about working in a team. The use of actors in some of the locations really brought the hunt to life and was a stroke of genius with students really believing they were quizzing a judge who just happened to be having a drink in one of the oldest pubs in London."' Penny Hayhurst, University of Law

September 2015: Walk through the City, with a business theme, for students from New York University on a Global Orientations Programme

"Many thanks for leading an expert's guide to the City: the students loved it"  NYU in London

September 2015: Talk at Barbican Library on "Developers and the City"

"I just wanted to say thanks again for doing such a brilliant talk. We had a good turnout and I got great feedback." Helen Tremaine (Assistant Librarian)

Tour of Royal Courts of Justice

"Thank you so much for your interesting and entertaining guided tour of the Royal Courts of Justice: your knowledge and enthusiasm really brought the building to life." Rachel Harris

I organised another set of Freshers Week walks for the New College of the Humanities. The themes covered English, Finance, History, Law, Philosophy and Politics. I ran the Law walk, with colleague guides doing the others. Feedback:

"I had great feedback, the same as last year. Students said they were the best walking tours they had done, and they really didn't expect the walks to be so fun, interesting and interactive." Tony Ford

City Highlights walk

"Colin is an excellent guide. He managed to open the eyes of someone who has worked in the City for 30 years to so much that was new and interesting whilst at the same time engaging and impressing a 16 year old to whom it was all new. Definitely to be recommended!" Shona Price

Five Ghosts Mystery Walk Puzzle

"It was a lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon. The pace was just right and the guide was top class. Even putting the "puzzle" aside, the back streets and hidden squares were a delight." Bree

I did a Legal London walk for a group of senior Commonwealth lawyers on a visit to London. Feedback:

"Thank you so much for the tour. The attendees were really positive about it".  Natasha Wort - The Law Society

Five Ghosts Mystery Walk Puzzle

"Thank you for a great day. Colin, the guide, was amazing and very informative" Navidah

"Great day out" Eamonn

"We love working with Colin, who keeps our clients entertained and informed on the Five Ghosts accompanied puzzle walk. His in-depth knowledge of the City of London and practical approach has been invaluable. It's marvellous knowing our clients are in such good hands and the feedback so far has been tremendous." Kathy Brown, Director, London Street Games.

"A great and enjoyable day out in London with a packed combination of sightseeing, history and clue-solving, and with a challenging twist at the very end." Ollie Saleh (Five Ghosts Mystery Walk Puzzle)

Tour of the Inns of Court

"Thank you for a very interesting tour of the "Inns" yesterday" - Marianne Barber

Walk around St James's

"Colin was extremely courteous and kind, as well as being very knowledgeable about the whole district [St James's]. He gave us just the right amount of info and took us into nooks and crannies that could easily have been missed. His passion for the area was contagious and genuine, whilst he remained very professional. On my recent trip I did many amazing things in London but I feel that my time spent on this walking tour was the best value I got anywhere for 8 quid!" - Dr April Jenkins

I organised Freshers walks for the Economics, English, History, Law and Philosophy faculties of the New College of the Humanities. Each one was tailored to the subject area and the routes spanned London from Soho to the City. Feedback:

"Thanks so much for today, Colin, it was a great success." - Tony Ford (Admissions Adviser)

Walk around Bayswater

"Thanks very much for another informative and enjoyable walk" - Rob Highmore, Partner, Charles Russell LLP".

Walk around Mayfair

"Thank you for Sunday morning - we so much enjoyed our walk around Mayfair with the stories of the Grosvenor and Davies families." - Margaret Kemp.

Tour of the Inns of Court for a visiting delegation of Russian lawyers

"A big thank you from the Russian lawyers for carrying out the tour. They came back buzzing with energy, which is fabulous." - Donna Evans, The Law Society.