Brexit and Legal Assurances

What of the papers circulated by the Government last night? Answer: the EU still has plenty wriggle room in relation to the backstop.

Warning: this is written without going back into the detail of the withdrawal documents already in play, although a good enough job can be done looking at the most recent material self-standing. And this is written without knowing the conclusions of the "Star Chamber".

As ever, the devil is in the detail.

Late Life Crisis - February 2019

Teaching a class of millenial lawyers and doing some work on the use of social media by law firms, I did a straw poll to see what the delegates were using personally by way of social media platforms. Roughly 80% said that they used Instagram, but only 20% said they used Facebook, and again only 20% for Twitter. Interesting.


Late Life Crisis - January 2019

A correspondent to an etiquette advice column complained that whenever she attended the theatre with a man over 60 he would fall asleep, and she sought advice on what to do. The expert suggested packing a small bottle of smelling salts, pungent but apparently still legal, and wafting it under his nose at the critical moment. Those of us of a certain age should take note.


Late Life Crisis - December 2018

In my local Waitrose between Christmas and New Year I found at least 100 unclaimed bottles of Prosecco. Now having participated in the occasional unlimited fizz brunch (I blame my children for this), it would be hypocritical of me to carp, but dentists must be rubbing their hands with even greater glee than usual at the thought of New Year appointments.